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Paul Sobrie as a bad-ass character

“Ash (Earl Gray) and ‘The Belgium’ (Paul Sobrie) absolutely killed it in terms of delivery as the bad guys in the movie. They both carried that creepy air about them with the perfect touch of bad. I have always found myself saying that it is harder to play the villain than the hero. It’s not just about the delivery of the lines, it is also about the method acting. To play a bad guy, you have to perform with that perfect touch of wicked. This duo absolutely gave me the chills. Let me take a moment to extend a gigantic kudos to the two of them – they absolutely nailed their respective roles.”
Julia Valenti In Fanfest on “Beloved Beast” (movie) February 5th 2019

“Paul Sobrie makes for a suave version of Duke Orsino. He purrs his lines with languid and aristocratic ease”
Tacoma Weekly on 12th Night Dave Davison December 14 2018

“Paul Sobrie and Kathryn Stahl were excellent, as well. Their roles (Orsino and Viola, respectively) are about the only two that Shakespeare wrote with any sort of subtlety on board. Mr. Sobrie and Ms. Stahl found that measure of subtlety with chaos all about them. It would have been easy for them to overplay their roles, but they did not. Kudos to them both.”
Kim Hastings, Drama in the Hood, on 12th Night 11 December 2018

“As the frightening SS officers, Sobrie and Joseph Magin cut striking silhouettes, and every time they enter a scene, the air is sucked out of the room. “
Weekly Volcano on Bent
Adam McKinney on May 17, 2018

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