Paul Sobrie (actor)

Paul Sobrie

Paul Sobrie’s motto is versatility.  He has been active in a variety of industries, ranging from travel, hotel,  conference, real estate, yes, club owner to …commercial and film acting. Born and raised in Belgium, but having lived in various countries like Holland and Brazil, he speaks about six languages.  More recently he has re-discovered his love for acting and takes it to a higher level. Paul is still active in commercial filming but was recently selected for different film projects. He is looking forward to integrating his rich professional and personal background into his acting skills.
Paul Sobrie is a Belgian native, has nurtured his passion for acting at Freehold Theater of Seattle and studied with other local coaches. He has been casted in number of indie films and also remains busy in commercial filming. Always looking to expand his range and horizons, he recently portrayed Dr. Pierce in the Tacoma Little Theater production of “Miracle on 34th Street”. Paul was very excited to have a role in R/evolve and believes this project is refreshing and inspiring.

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